Describe the last difficult "goodbye" you said. You can't really describe the last goodbye when it feels like an on going sentence. The days that never end. There have been so many unplanned goodbyes lately. I know there are more coming. I don't do well with the no closure thing and I don't do well … Continue reading Goodbye

Part Two

Maybe this all started because I stumbled upon the blog from a different ex of his. Maybe this all started because it is time to close that chapter. Maybe it all started because my mind is an asshole. Part two. The friendship started as group chats and work conversations in passing. I knew enough about him to … Continue reading Part Two

Part one.

I'm not really good with things ending. Relationships, movies, books, death, songs, you name it. I always have questions. They could just be something simple like "who was that actress again?" to "ok but why did this happen, why is Batman in the movie if he isn't like in the movie." From Joker - don't … Continue reading Part one.

Turn The Page

Clearly, I haven't followed or done a blog prompt in I don't know how long. I was just sitting here today and figured maybe I will try one for December, found a few and I'll post them on the first. Whether it is a photography one or a writing one it will get me out … Continue reading Turn The Page

March First

March first has come and gone. What significance does it hold? Self Injury Awareness Day. I struggled a little to write about this and make any sort of post, reference or speak my knowledge of it. I think if anything I want people to know you are not a lot. There are now recovery groups … Continue reading March First

Hiding places and back roads.

Here we are, sitting on the bathroom floor at 4am again. It's not comfortable but I like hiding sometimes. I hide from the dogs in the morning. From myself. From life. I don't like getting out of bed but I have to. The heat just kicked off. Now it is to quiet in here. I … Continue reading Hiding places and back roads.

ED or DE?

Its a whole feeling this question. This thought. That sometimes you can't always talk about food. Sometimes you love food and sometimes you hate it. Sometimes safe foods aren't safe anymore and sometimes you can't stop counting calories. Sometimes when someone makes a "suggestion" it makes you feel less than. Sometimes when they talk about … Continue reading ED or DE?